Woman Planning to Spend  on Wedding Gift for Best Friend Backed Online

Woman Planning to Spend $18 on Wedding Gift for Best Friend Backed Online

The internet has backed a woman who is planning on spending £15 ($18) on her best friend’s wedding gifts

In the post shared on the online forum Mumsnet, user CheapOrNot explained why she was getting such a cheap gift for her friend’s wedding, and has gone on to receive dozens of responses.

The user said: “It’s an ornament that I know she and her husband to be (HTB) will absolutely love but it’s end of line so heavily discounted down to £15 (usually around £45 ($55)).

“This is my best friend in the whole world, I mean the person who’s been by my side for the worst things in the world (and she’d tell you I’ve been the same for her).”

Stock image of a wedding gift
Stock image of a wedding gift. The internet backed the woman’s decision.

She added: “For context, I’m a bridesmaid at the wedding, will have paid out over £300 ($367) on hen nights (there’s two) and I’m also buying my DD [dear daughter], who’s a flower girl, specific shoes to match her dress as she has a leg issue that means she has to wear certain shoes which have cost me £85 ($104).

“I am a single parent and I’m the only bridesmaid other than her sister who’s maid of honor. The £300+ I spent had to be saved for over a number of months.

“WIBU (would it be unreasonable) to only spend £15? I doubt my friend or her HTB will Google the price, and if they do I doubt they’d care.”

According to U.K.-based loan company Ocean Finance, the average cost of being a wedding guest in the country is £541 ($662).

It added an immediate family member or close friend should expect to spend between £50 to £100.

Despite not spending a lot of money on her friend’s wedding gift, many commenters supported her decision.

One person said: “They’ll love the gift, that’s what matters most and if you’d bought it last month it would have been full price, so what if you’ve bought it for less, it’s the same gift.”

Another added: “She’s your very best friend. The most important thing to her is you being part of if all. Buy that gift. It sounds like she’s going to love it.”

A third commenter wrote: “You’ve said they will love the gift, that’s all that matters. Buy it.”

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