• Retail: Pinterest to Acquire Fashion Platform

    Retail: Pinterest to Acquire Fashion Platform

    Today in retail news, Pinterest inked an agreement to buy eCommerce fashion retailer THE YES for its social media platform, while Walmart announced it is building four new fulfillment centers to improve delivery speeds. Plus, Kohl’s has two new contenders placing bids to buy out the department store retailer, and Grubhub is introducing a new Meals for Deals incentive program in partnership with Street Cred Capital. Kohl’s Gets 2 Competing Takeover Bids Kohl’s has been the recipient of takeover bids from private equity firm Sycamore Partners and Franchise Group, a retail holding company. Sycamore will value the department store chain at around the mid-$50s a share, with Franchise Group offering…

  • New Fintech Offers Rare Pink Diamond To Retail Investors For 0 Per Share
    Jewelery Diamond

    New Fintech Offers Rare Pink Diamond To Retail Investors For $200 Per Share

    Most of the world’s supply of pink diamonds comes from Australia’s Argyle Mine that closed in 2020. Getty Diamonds are forever–unless you buy a fraction of one and sell it for a profit. Fintech investing platforms offer fractionalized shares in everything from comic books to Picasso paintings, and a new startup is now adding another asset to the mix by securitizing rare diamonds and gems, though fees can be steep for retail traders. Luxus launched Wednesday and plans to sell 2,000 shares of its first piece, a pink Argyle diamond valued at $400,000, for $200 each, pending SEC approval this month. Founded by former Blackstone managing director Dana Auslander and…