• The 2022 Town & Country Jewelry Awards
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    The 2022 Town & Country Jewelry Awards

    Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook. Styled and produced by Will Kahn. Throughout history, jewelry created after a period of crisis has been marked by bold irreverence. We celebrate this year’s daring creative talents—and the joy a good ring can bring. The Comeback of the Year A sapphire dolphin for Liz Taylor. A Ribbon Rosette necklace set with the Tiffany Yellow Diamond for Audrey Hepburn. Ruby berries for Jackie Kennedy. “I want to capture the irregularity of the universe,” said Jean Schlumberger, the visionary Frenchman who arrived at Tiffany & Co. in 1956, bringing with him an exceptionally daring point of view. When he retired in the late ’70s, his most fantastical…