• Ten 60s fashion trends that are cool again
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    Ten 60s fashion trends that are cool again

    Which ten 60s fashion trends are cool again? The swinging ‘60s are known as the time when traditions were broken and individuality and self-expression flourished. This new ethos resulted in major shifts in politics, culture, music and social rules. Fashion became progressively casual, moving away from the prim and proper style that prevailed in the ‘40s and ‘50s. The second wave of feminism inspired women to express their rebellious and freedom-loving streak through style. The decade set the tone for modern style and revolutionized women’s fashion with striking cuts, bold colors and patterns. While the ’60s featured a number of diverse trends, some continued to influence fashionistas through the following…

  • The ’60s Fashion Trends Worth Trying In 2022
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    The ’60s Fashion Trends Worth Trying In 2022

    The Swinging Sixties were an era defined by innovation and social liberation — and naturally, the epoch’s fashion reflected those cultural sentiments. Women hellbent on breaking free from the cult of domesticity (i.e. the conservative expectations of the 1950s) found power in skin-revealing cut-outs and tailored skirt suit sets. There was the space race, too, which spawned an innovative class of fashion creatives designing for what they assumed was the next frontier. So now, in 2022, as subversive social rebellions percolate and a serious conversation about space travel unfolds, it makes sense that several ‘60s fashion trends are back in full force. One style that’s certainly been resurrected (and, one…